youth misinterpreted collaborator.

while at the collective youth misinterpreted, i was apart of a project that explored youth at it’s core. youth misinterpreted worked towards uniting youth on a global scale, by showing people how they can relate to one another and in turn support each other as individuals, despite differences in environment and culture.

youth misinterpreted is a platform for youth culture and a space where young people can express themselves, addressing their views on important social issues. the collective aims to encourage acceptance and understanding between youth by broadening their horizons; believing the best way to do this is by allowing others an insight into peoples personal lives, their dreams, fears, experiences and goals.

throughout my partnership with youth misinterpreted i worked closely with the creative director rendah haj as a researcher for the second documentary series, which was release in early 2017 in partnership with acmi. during my time with youth misinterpreted i also co-interviewed participants for the the online photo series.

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