sound as ever producer.

the australian music vault is a celebration of the australian contemporary music story – past, present and future. sound as ever is an australian music vault podcast produced by young content producers and radio makers interested in exploring stories and issues in the australian music scene. i was a producer and presenter on the podcast for two out of the six episodes.

sound as ever

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hear me roar: gender inequality in australian music.

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this episode takes a look at the gender inequality in the music industry and the ways in which it impacts the work of artist and others in this creative field. performers miss blanks and lindy morrison bare what has changed and what has remained stagnant over the years, describing both the power and difficulties that come from their voices as females. talking to elly scrine from the collective listen, and broadcaster tracee hutchison, the episode not only looks at where this empowerment movement has come from but the future it is fighting for.

produced in conjunction with shejuti hossain. listen here.

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a new wave: language and genre blending in australian music.

• • •

this episode looks at how genre and language blending in music is creating a new wave of music exploration and creative freedom, whilst growing and strengthening community bonds and cultural ties. artists like baker boy and the fifths are mixing the use of language and genre in their music in a fresh new way that seeks to link their personal histories with their current influence and audience. talking to broadcaster namila benson and hosts of pbs’s all our stories, this episode looks at how music in this field is not only influencing the australian music landscape in terms of creativity, but is having a positive influence over social and political issues.

produced in conjunction with shejuti hossain. listen here.

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you can see other audio stories on my soundcloud.

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