soho radio producer.

soho radio is an online radio station broadcasting from the heart of london. inspired by soho’s vibrant and diverse culture, soho radio brings together musicians, artists, filmmakers, chefs, poets and the generally curious, from across the globe.

as a producer at the station, I produce the output of multiple shows across the music and culture channels at soho radio. this includes monitoring the quality of sound output for consistency, editing and publishing a podcast version of each show and uploading to mixcloud, as well as using myriad to record content, playout jingle and change between shows.

throughout my time at soho radio, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the local music scenes and working alongside talented artists, presenters and fellow producers.

I continue to take on greater responsibility, producing shows on both the music channel and the developing culture channel, as well as managing online and social media platforms including twitter and instagram.

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