panorama reporter.

panorama is syn media’s flagship news and current affairs show, covering news, politics and culture. panorama is on air weekdays from 4.30pm on syn radio 90.7 fm or online at

every audio story on panorama is researched, produced and edited by a single reporter  5 hours prior to the daily show. during my time at panorama i developed my ability to work to deadlines, think and act efficiently and adapt to changing circumstances in order to publish a complete and engaging story on time.

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feb fast.

this piece was aired on 03/02/17

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intro: now a story from reporter elsie bath, looking into how fasting for the month of february might just be the key to helping disadvantaged youth.

see more at

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pill testing.

this piece was aired on 17/02/17

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intro: pill testing is a controversial topic that has dipped in and out of the media headlines in recent years. but as the university of melbourne student union continue to roll out their drug testing program, there are calls for greater awareness, understanding and education around the pros and cons of accessible and accurate pill testing kits, and how we can work towards the end of drug related deaths.

• • •

vitamin d and mood.

this piece was aired on 03/03/17

• • •

intro: you might have been told once or twice when you were feeling down or having an off day to head outside and soak up some sunshine, but a new study looking into the link between vitamin d and mood might just debunk this long running belief. a warning this next story deals with issues around mental health. elsie bath reports.

outro: reporter elsie bath ending that piece. if you are a female ages 16 to 25 living in victoria and would like to participate in any of the yfhi studies currently being conducted head on over to to find out more. if that story brought up any issues for you please contact lifeline on 13 11 14.

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you can see other audio stories on my soundcloud.

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