all the best producer.

all the best is a weekly radio show and podcast produced at fbi radio in sydney in association with syn and triple r in melbourne and 4zzz in brisbane. it broadcasts nationally via the community radio network and has been telling stories in a variety of different forms since 2010, picking a theme each week and using short form documentary, personal narrative, interviews, and fiction to tell our stories.

• • •

london calling.

my partner callum and i are globetrotters. but the move from melbourne to london, with only a visa and passport, has been exciting and difficult.

supervising producing by jordan fennell. music incuded ‘marlboro lite’ by spazz cardigan, ‘exhale’ by jeremy blake and ‘welcome’ by anno domini beats.

this is an extended version of a story produced for the kcrw 24 hour radio race. you can listen to the full episode ‘the right thing’ here.

• • •

walking with wonder.

• • •

when you look at a mountain from the ground the idea of climbing it and reaching the top may seem possible. but thinking about the idea of something, running through the motions in your head, and actually doing it exist in entirely different universes.

i didn’t expect to be climbing any mountains when i went backpacking through japan, but i somehow found myself on a steep uphill, battling mud and rock on a hike i felt unprepared for.

supervising producing by bec fary and selena shannon, with sound help from ari gross and calum wakeling. you can listen to the full episode ‘feeling small’ here.

• • •

you can see other audio stories on my soundcloud.


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